• CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g
  • CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g
  • CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g
  • CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g
  • CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g
CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g

CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g

Product Details:

Place of Origin: china,guangdong
Brand Name: no brand
Certification: Certificate No.:09027060443408
Model Number: Superoxide Dismutase

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: USD1500/kg
Packaging Details: 1kg or 500g in a bottle, 9 bottle in a carton
Delivery Time: 10 wroking days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T,paypal
Supply Ability: 300kg a month
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Detail Information

Product Name: Superoxide Dismutase Powder Appearance: Light Pink To Purplish Red
Cas No: 9054-89-1 EINECS: 232-943-0
Place Of Orgin: China,GuangDong Purity: 99%
Enzyme Activity: 50,000iu/g Certificate: Food Production License, HALAL CERTIFICATE(Certificate No.:09027060443408)
Grade: Food Grade Production Method: Microbial Fermentation
High Light:

Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g


CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics


SOD1 SOD2 SOD3 CAS 9054-89-1

Product Description

improve the immunologic function Food Qualification Superoxide Dismutase in cosmetics
Base Information

The SOD can be divided into two groups in structure: Cu/Zn-SOD is the first group, and Mn-SOD and Fe-SOD are the second group. The naturally occurring SOD has different active center ions, but the catalytically active sites have a high degree of structural identity and evolutionary conservation, that is, the active center ions are a tetragonal pyramid or a tetrahedron composed of 3 or 4 histidine (His), imidazolyl and 1 H2O molecule. Cu/Zn-SOD, as the first group of SOD, is a breakthrough for people to study SOD structure, and it is also the most widely understood SOD. Comparing the amino acid sequences of Cu/Zn-SOD from different sources, it was found that their homology was high. Some amino acids are also very conservative and do not change in all sequences, suggesting that these amino acids are related to the active center. Each molecule of Cu/Zn-SOD is dimerized by two subunits through hydrophobic interaction and hydrogen bonding. A disulfide bridge composed of thiol groups of cysteine C55 and C144 inside the peptide chain plays an important role in subunit association.


According to the three-dimensional structure of Cu/Zn-SOD, the active site of SOD is a "hydrophobic pocket" centered on Cu. Cu and Zn are at the bottom of the hydrophobic pocket. Cu(II) coordinates with the N atom on the imidazole ring of the four histidine residues to form a planar square structure, which also incorporates a H2O molecule in the axial position. Zn(II) coordinates with three histidines and one aspartic acid to form a distorted tetrahedral structure. Cu(II) and Zn(II) form an "imidazole bridge" structure by co-joining a molecule of histidine.

Both Mn-SOD and Fe-SOD belong to the second group of SOD. Mn-SOD is a tetramer composed of 203 amino acid residues. Mn(III) is in a triangular bipyramidal coordination environment, in which one axial coordinate is water molecule, the other axial direction is occupied by the coordination group His-28, and the other three ligands His-83, His- 170 and Asp-166 are located on the equatorial plane. The structure of Fe-SOD is relatively simple and similar to Mn-SOD, and the active center is composed of 3 His, 1 Asp and 1 H2O.


Catalytic Mechanism

The substrate of superoxide dismutase is the superoxide anion radical (O2▪), which has both a negative charge and an unpaired electron. Under different conditions, O2▪ can be used as a reducing agent to become O2, and as an oxidant to become H2O2. H2O2 generates H2O and O2 under the action of catalase (CAT). It can be seen that the toxic O2 transfers to non-toxic H2O and O2 under the joint action of SOD and CAT.

SOD-catalyzed conversion of superoxide to oxygen and hydrogen peroxide by disproportionation is accomplished in two main steps:

M3+ + O2▪ + H+ → M2+(H+) + O2

M2+(H+) + H+ + O2▪ → M3+ + H2O2

M represents the metal cofactor, M3+ represents the highest valence of the metal cofactor, and M2+ represents the valence of the metal cofactor after oxidation. This step-in-step mechanism has the following advantages in terms of reaction kinetics: First, a molecular reaction can overcome the electrostatic repulsion between the simultaneous reaction of two molecules, and the positively charged active metal specifically binds to the negatively charged superoxide anion (O2▪). Second, the electrostatic attraction of the metal ions at the active site is absorbed and preserved by a proton. In this mechanism, the products of the disproportionation reaction are neutral and do not constrain each other. Third, the energy released by the first step reaction can be supplied to the second step to reduce the superoxide anion (O2▪), and then the H2O2 is reduced to H2O by the hydrogen peroxide reductase.

Prodcut name: Superoxide Dismutase (sod)
Cas No: 9054-89-1
EINECS 232-943-0
Enzyme activity 50,000iu/g or 500,000iu/g or 5,000,000iu/g
Certificate: Food production license, HALAL CERTIFICATE(Certificate No.:09027060443408)
shelf life 2 years
Production method microbial fermentation

 CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g 0CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g 1
The strongest antioxidant

The primary antioxidant is the first line of defense against free radicals. Sod is the number one scavenger of superoxide radicals, which can convert harmful superoxide radicals into hydrogen peroxide. Although hydrogen peroxide is still harmful reactive oxygen species, catalase (CAT) and peroxidase (POD) in the body will immediately decompose it into completely harmless water. In this way, the three enzymes form a complete anti-oxidation chain.
CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g 2
Using Effects:

The root cause of human aging-free radicals.The level of SOD in the organism means an intuitive indicator of aging and death
Super antioxidant-superoxide dismutase,Scavenging free radicals and rejuvenating life.
1. Ideal antioxidant
2.Scavenging oxygen free radicals
3.Effectively inhibit tyrosinase
4.Effectively prevent UV damage
5.Super strong oxygen free radical scavenging ability



1, the inhibition of disease of heart head blood-vessel
2, anti-aging
3, prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases
4, the prevention and treatment of emphysema
5, the treatment of radiation sickness and radiation protection
6, the treatment of senile cataract
7, antioxidant,
8, preventing chronic diseases
9, resistance to fatigue
10, eliminate side effects



Product advantage

1 Wide application scenarios,High temperature resistance

2 pH3-11,Acid and alkali resistant

3 Storage at room temperature,Stable

4 95℃+,Long half-life

5 The only one in China have Food Qualification

CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g 3

CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g 4

       SOD Invention patent          SOD Halal Certificate                         SOD Food production license


CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g 5

SOD Certificate of analysis                                                SOD Toxicological data


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A: Yes, we can arrange free samples, but please kindly pay for the freight cost. If you have a DHL account, we can send via your DHL account.
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A:Our usual packing is 25 KGS of the material put into a PE bag, Then the bag is put into a Drum


Shipping Advise:

1kg/one plastic bag and aluminium foil bag outside,25kg/Fiber Drums with double plastic bags inside or according to the requirement of customers.

CAS 9054-89-1 Superoxide Dismutase In Cosmetics 50000iu/g 6

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